Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas With NLO, 2011

Before I share the wonders of Christmas Day at NLO, I need to testify to the hand of God and His Saving Grace!

We received word yesterday that one of our guests passed away.  While the news was saddening; we rejoiced in knowing that JUST DAYS BEFORE his passing, he knelt and asked Christ to enter his heart!

Ben spent his first of many Christmas' in the presence of Jesus Christ! 

Lives are being changed for eternity through Nothing Lost Outreach!  That is why God put the burden on Pastor Jeff's heart for the homeless and poverty stricken!  To reach down and give a hand up!  A hand up that became eternity with Jesus Christ!  As a friend put it, "Ben is no longer homeless!"  Hallelujah!

Just yesterday, Pastor Jeff preached on our circumstances.   "We see the tree, God sees the tree, to the tree He died on, to the forest!" WOOHOO! When our eyes are on our circumstances, we have to think past the tree and look to the forest! HALLELUJAH!

We had MANY volunteers for our Christmas Dinner at NLO!  We had less than a dozen signed up to help, but were blessed with MANY more than that!  God is blessing and meeting the needs of NLO in such a way that only He can get the glory!

As with Thanksgiving, Waterfront Mission provided the entire meal, to include the paper products!  We had so much food we were able to provide a to go box as well as the main meal.

We also gave out Christmas bags to our guests.  Our goal was to have 100 bags on and, God honored the prayers of many and 106 bags for adults and12 bags for children were provided! 

The bags included a water bottle, hat, gloves, snack items, hand warmers, a blanket, an actual bag, toilet paper, a flash light and batteries!  The furthest we had bags come from was NORTH CAROLINA!  How amazing is that!  People from all walks of life, churches, and denominations took part is helping us reach the goal and we thank each of you that participated!  NLO could not do what it is doing without the support of so many!  Thank you! 

The following are some of the photos from Christmas Day.  Some pics are blurry, but wanted to share.

I have many more photos, but wanted to at least get these up for all to enjoy and see what God is doing through Nothing Lost Outreach.

Lives are being changed for eternity, including mine!


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